Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
The book was compiled by the Friends of the Somme (Mid Ulster Branch) at the behest of the Newmills VC Group.
Newmills Village
Based on the substantial research involved in creating the Cookstown War Dead and Dungannon War Dead websites, the Group has amassed a wealth of information on Private Robert Morrow V.C. and the others from the Newmills area who served in the Great War.
Wesley Wright, chairman of the group, produced Chapter One, an overview of the Great War.
The rest of the book was compiled from newspaper reports and relevant publications (see references) and other sources.
Below is a list of those to helped to research and compile the book. The author is extremely thankful and indebted to those listed for sharing their expertise and assisting in various ways.
And a special mention for Dessie Gordon and Wesley Wright, of the Friends of the Somme Mid Ulster Branch, who were instrumental in the writing of the book.
Robert Morrow V.C. © 2015-21
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