Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
Memorials : The Newmills V.C. Memorial Bridge
At the River Torrent, Raymond Richardson MBE had the honour of cutting the ribbon to permit the crowd to cross over the new VC foot bridge and, as they did so, a field cannon emphasised the significance of the occasion.
The foot bridge was commissioned by Newmills and District VC Group and manufactured by local firm, John Burrows Engineering.
The Newmills V.C. Memorial Bridge
Newmills Parish Church forms the backdrop to the new bridge.
A number of people present commented that the VC Group had organised some wonderful events and made some great improvements around Newmills. A local resident stated that the VC Group had really captured the attention of the villagers and visitors alike and had brought back a real sense of pride to Newmills.
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